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The Future Of 3D Kink

Marissa from fielded several questions for Kink Land about 3D Kink. The complete interview is in the Kink Land forums: 3D Kink Interview There’s quite a lot of interesting detail about the complexity of pushing out new kinky content for 3D Kink, as well as a few specific tidbits of information, including these highlights: […]

3D Kink Update! (v. 2.080)

There’s a new 3D Kink update out and it has several items of kinky interest, plus a bunch of interface improvements and such. Bondage locations in the Pose Editor More piercings (although still no big nose ring) Bunny ears for the furries without having to use the slightly-creepy full-faced mask (now for guys too!) Ability […]

The Story of Biohazard Jane

After quite a lot of messing around with 3D Kink, I find that the “game” part still isn’t as interesting to me as the posing-and-costuming aspect. It’s when used as a fantasy illustration tool (what ErosBlog called a “Brain Image Instantiator”) that the software truly seems to shine. Thus I was delighted to discover this […]

3D Kink Feature Request: Better (Kinkier) Nose Ring

There’s quite a variety of piercings available in 3D Kink “Sex Pack” upgrades, but I found myself to be mildly disappointed in the nose rings that were included. As jewelry they are a fine assortment, but for kinky purposes a big round slavegirl nose ring (big enough to grab with a finger, or the clip […]