Kink Land is an unofficial place for users and fans of’s 3D Kink sex simulation software game to come together. Upload the screen shots you’ve created, talk about 3D Kink, share tips for customizing and using the software. All 3D Kink enthusiasts are welcome!

The real action is on the forums, which do require registration before you can contribute. If Kink Land is going to be a useful resource and fan community, we can’t do it without you, so please visit the forums, register, and share what you’ve got! Questions, tips, tutorials, it’s all welcome.

Please note: Kink Land is not owned or operated by We’re not “official” or “approved” or anything like that. They provide the product, we play with it, and whatever we’ve done with it, they probably don’t even know about. If anything here at Kink Land pisses you off (or, god forbid, makes you think somebody has done you wrong) please bear in mind that had nothing to do with it. Talk to us, don’t bitch at them — it wouldn’t do you any good anyway.