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Another 3D SexZilla Update! (v. 2.084)

There’s yet another 3D Sexzilla2 update out, and it’s full of kinky goodness, especially if you like women-in-prison fantasies. Some highlights:

  1. A new “Prison” area with interrogation room
  2. Prison jumpsuit costumes
  3. Shower scenes!
  4. Truncheon and flashlight sex toys
  5. New tattoos
  6. Another hair style
  7. Baseball hats for the girls
  8. Captioning and voiceover improvements

3D Kink prison shower

The Future Of 3D Kink

Marissa from fielded several questions for Kink Land about the Kink-branded version of 3D SexVilla2. The complete interview is in the Kink Land forums:

3D Kink Interview

There’s quite a lot of interesting detail about the complexity of pushing out new kinky content, as well as a few specific tidbits of information, including these highlights:

  1. There will be five new rooms added in 2010;
  2. A manual will be available sometime in 2010 (hooray!); and
  3. Improving the pain response of the 3D Kink avatars (in effect, making them act more kinky when spanked or whipped) is on the radar, but it’s a difficult task given the AI system being used.

Spanked, Masturbating Blonde

spanked blonde

3D Kink Update! (v. 2.080)

There’s a new update out and it has several items of kinky interest, plus a bunch of interface improvements and such.

  1. Bondage locations in the Pose Editor
  2. More piercings (although still no big nose ring)
  3. Bunny ears for the furries without having to use the slightly-creepy full-faced mask (now for guys too!)
  4. Ability to export and share video in common formats
  5. A lot more control over where (in the existing locations) the characters are posed for action.

rabbit girl enjoys a carrot

Everything’s Better With Frosting

semen frosted slavegirl