After quite a lot of messing around with 3D Kink, I find that the “game” part still isn’t as interesting to me as the posing-and-costuming aspect. It’s when used as a fantasy illustration tool (what ErosBlog called a “Brain Image Instantiator”) that the software truly seems to shine.

Thus I was delighted to discover this morning a little illustrated fantasy at Bondage Blog about a mysterious latex-clad woman called Biohazard Jane:

Two or three nights a week, there’s a woman in the bathroom in this dive bar down by the river. She never takes off the latex or the gas mask, she never tries to speak, she won’t take any money, and there isn’t so much as a tip jar in there. Word is, the last guy who tried to hurt her turned up in a dumpster about ten blocks away, with broken arms. But she’s friendly and she’ll fuck any man who goes in and locks the door. They call her Biohazard Jane:

biohazard jane